The Halls of Residence at the Białystok University of Technology

The Halls of Residence at the  Bialystok University of technology invite all the students, including foreign students (ERASMUS+)  to use the housing offer. The offer is addressed to people, who want to solve the problem with living in a city,  in an easy and inexpensive way. It’s a great alternative to private rooms and apartments.

 The rooms are equipped with standard furniture, such as: couches, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, occasional table, desks, chairs, and shelves. Some of the rooms also have refrigerators. We provide students with covers, duvets, pillows, and bed linen (pillowcase, bed sheet). The rooms are equipped with sockets to connect to the Internet.

 The residential segment consists of four rooms. It has a shared bathroom, with two sinks, a shower and a toilet.


 There is a kitchen on each floor fitted with 2 cookers, a sink and a table. People using the kitchen are obliged to clean up after the cooking and to take all equipment and food to their rooms. ATTENTION! Equipment and food left in a kitchen will be removed.

Laundry room and a drying room

 There is a laundry room and a drying room on each. Laundry rooms are available for free, the hall of residence do not provide laundry rooms with laundry detergent.

The regulations:

- Laundry rooms could be used only by inhabitants of the residence.
- The keys to laundry rooms are at the reception desk, which students can get, by leaving their students cards.  
- Laundry rooms can be used for three days maximum, after that, students have to return the key and pick up the student card.
- All the damages, or problems with washing machine must be reported to the doorkeeper.

ATTENTION! The administration of the hall is not materially responsible for stolen or lost items.

We also offer our inhabitants place to rest after classes.

“Relax Club”

Is situated on the ground floor of the Hall of Residence nº2. It is equipped with billiard table, Ping-Pong table,  darts, foosball.


Is situated on the ground floor of the Hall of Residence nº3. It is equipped with billiard table and foosball.

Canteen “ Zielony Nosorożec)

Is situated on the ground floor of the Hall of Residence nº2. It offers breakfasts, and lunches.

Alfa, str. Zwierzyniecka 14, phone.: 85 746 97 18

Beta, str. Zwierzyniecka 12, phone.: 85 746 97 28

Gamma, str. Zwierzyniecka 8, phone.: 85 746 97 38

Delta, str. Zwierzyniecka 6, phone.: 85 746 97 47 

- access to WiFi
- full monitoring
- free parking
- localization

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